{Rant} Shoe woes

Hiya friends,

No posts from this blogger lately, I know. My camera seems to not want to work these days, and I've been too lazy busy to look into what the heck the problem is. 

So, despite my lack of OOTD for the next little while, I have had some frustrating shrants (shoe-rants) to share with you all (and hopefully get a little advice?).

I've been admiring Jen's strappy wedges all summer, and thought a black pair would work so well in my summer office wardrobe. So I set out to find a similar pair. Target had these for $29.99, but the closest Tar-jay is 3 hours away from where I live, and they don't ship to Canada. My next stop was Aldo (there really isn't much choice here in Ottawa), where I found almost the exact pair in a lovely soft leather...for $100!?!?! What gives? This is the only similar shoe I can find in this darn city, and it's three times the price?! I get that the leather makes them a better quality, and I really do love them, but for a shoe that I may only get one season out of, I'm not willing to spend $100 of my hard-earned money that could be used for other important things (like paying off student debt, or more importantly, a Mexication). 

My other shoe dilemma in this shrant also stems from a lack of selection in my small city. With winter coming (oh yes - it's 40 degrees outside and I'm already planning my winter wardrobe!) I'm starting to think about boots. Last year I cheaped out on boots (both a black pair of OTK, and a pair of cognac Steve Madden-inspired riding boots) and both fell apart on me. UNLIKE the trendy sandals linked above, I actually don't mind spending a bit of extra monies on a pair (or two - one in brown, one in black) of good quality leather boots. So what's the problem this time?!? I can't find any that fit! I apparently have abnormally large calves (always have, always will), and it has got to the point where I don't even want to try boots on to save myself the hassle of struggling to pull them up my trunks. So what's a girl to do? I absolutely *love* the skinny jean-boot-chunky sweater look...oh! or the midi skirt-opaque tights-heeled boots look...but alas, until I find a pair of boots that will fit something wider than a twig's legs, I might just have to go without.

So what say you blog friends? Suggestions? Advice? Tips?

xo J.


It's been that kind of week...


I'm not going to write a lot...I've been in a terrible mood this week so I worry that anything I write will just turn into a b*tch-fest...and you don't want to hear that! (Trust me.)

So I'll focus on the clothes. Clothes make everything better.

Here's what I wore on Tuesday...

Striped Top: Joe Fresh Style | White Cropped Jeans: Gap
Vintage Faux Pearls: Vendor at Great Glebe Garage Sale | Sandals: Payless (old!)

I have become re-obsessed with friendship bracelets. (I say re-obsessed because I was all over these things when I was a kid!) 

Last summer while travelling Peru and Bolivia, D and I picked up all kinds of bracelets cos they were so dirt cheap (like 30cents for 5 kind of cheap!) and we tied one on in each town we visited. By the time we got home we had an armful of bracelets, but they were pretty gross and stretched out so I sadly cut them off. But while digging through crap this weekend, I rediscovered a baggy full of them from Bolivia (including left and right above) and tied them on...nothing says summer like colourful friendship bracelets! To top it off, my manager's neice came into the office a few days this week and brought with her a rainbow of coloured floss and proceeded to spend her days knotting us all bracelets (middle above - I've since added another of her colourful creations to my wrist!)...we were all over that shiz! I just *love* it! Something nice and colourful (and so simple, really) to help get through such a crummy week.

xo J.



I'm in TO this weekend moving D into his big person apartment now that he has a big person job, but here's a post from something I wore this week.

I'm all about full disclosure here at SC4TMQ, kids. Which is why I'm telling you that I completely copied this outfit from the lovely Gracey. As soon as I saw her post, I knew it was an outfit I wanted to borrow. I love the simplicity of it all (black and white are my favourite combo - so classy) but I love the addition of the cognac and the punch of the colourful scarf. I also really liked how comfortable it looked. 

So, naturally, I copied it! :-p

 Tee: RW | Grazer Cigarette Pants: UO
Tunnel Scarf: Vero Moda (UK) | Belt: Came with a Zara dress | Bracelet: F21 | Hoops: Very old!
Shoes: Spring

I picked this scarf up in Cardiff when I was there in April. I just love it. It has all the things I love in a scarf: it's ridiculously huge, has fun colour combinations, and is not like anything anyone else in Ottawa has (which, really, is the best part of it!). 

Getting photos taken took some persuasion:

Me: Can you take blog photos for me?
D: Zzzzzzzz
Me: Helloooo?
D: Zzzzzzzz
Me: D! Photos!
D: Mumble, mumble...seriously?
Me: Yes! Please?
D: Do I have to get out of bed?
Me: No. 
D: Fine.

Awww, that boy....he's so supportive of my blogging :-p

Hope you're all having a great long weekend!

xo J.


Happy Canada Day!

The absolute best part about living in the Nation's Capital is getting to experience Canada Day. The crowds, the excitement, the red and white are always a lot of fun. This year was extra amaze-balls, COSOMGTHEDUKEANDDUCHESSAREINTOWN!!!!!! Seeing as I missed them in London for their wedding (we had made it to Cardiff by then), my bestie J and I (and her friend N) decided NOT to miss them a second time! So, there we were at 7:00am on the lawn of Parliament Hill saving our space. TOTALLY worth it! Seeing the two of them even for a few seconds was pretty darn exciting...Real life was WAY better than the photos!

Here's my Canada Day outfit...the only day of the year I actually wear red:

Red Dress: Old Navy | White Tank: Dynamite | Cardi: Dynamite
Candy-Striped Bow Headband: Ardene | Sunnies (below): F21

This was after many many hours in the sun, so 'scuse the hair!

Here's a shot of my "emergency kit" (aka what I thought I needed for 7 hours in the sun): 

Dove Deodorant | Banana Muffins | Hawaiiian Tropic SPF 30 | Advil | Candy
Not pictured: Avene Thermal Mist Spray (a lifesaver in the heat), and a Nalgene bottle filled with water!

After hearing the Duke speak to the crowd, we headed out, spent 45 minutes waiting for some Poutine (a Canada Day staple) and went home for a nap before heading out to a friend's BBQ. All in all a solid Canada Day!

To my Canadian friends, I wish you a great Canada Day! And to my American friends, Happy Fourth of July!

xo J.



Hiya Friends!

Sorry I have been quiet on the blog front these past few days, but I've been too busy catching up with summer to be sitting at home on my computer!

Here are three things I picked up this (long) weekend that just SCREAM summer:

After being scared of face bronzer forever (I'm so pale - didn't want to look orange! Can you blame a girl?) I finally found this perfect bronzer from the BS. It's lightweight and I just love that it adds just a wee little bit more colour to my pale face. 

It's taken me a while to get into the greenish-blue nail trend, but I *love* this Essie colour...and the way it makes my feet look even more tanned in my sandals. A fresh change from my normal reds and hot pinks I normally sport on my toes in the summer!

Kronenburg 1664 Blanc
This might make me look like a little bit of a lush, but I can't get enough of this deliciously fruity white beer this summer. It's hard to find, but find it I did this weekend...and enjoyed one (or two...or three) on the dock on the lake this past weekend. :)

Hope you're all enjoying the summer so far! With 4-day weekend numero dos coming up, I know I am!

xo J.



I'm about a week late with the lace trend but it took me a looong time to figure out what to do with this lace top. It's not super flattering over the hips, so it needs to be tucked in and I wanted to keep any outfit with the top in it neutral to make it a bit more classy. 

Cue this skirt. I bought it years ago (when I first started working full time) and it's made it's way in and out of the "swap/consignment/giveaway" plenty o' times. 

But with longer hemlines this summer, I'm super glad I kept it. I really do love it. My favourite thing about it - apart from the colour and the cut - is the mesh fringe underlayer that sticks out at the bottom. So classy yet so edgy!

Lace Top and Tank: Dynamite | Skirt: Tristan & Iseut
Braided Leather Belt: Old Navy | Blush Kitten Heels: Jules and James | 'Gold' Braided Bracelet: Spring
Bag: Next (UK)

Today is my Friday! Hooray for the long weekend!

xo J.


The Power of Six

Emily and Kyla are both excellent list-makers. Emily's 'Five Things' post are so lovely, and I am always amused by Kyla's Monday lists of five 'Ramblings of a Monday Afternoon'. I enjoy these posts so much that I'm inspired to start regularly posting my own lists - but with my own twist: 6 items. SIX!  (6 was always my favourite number when I was a kid.)

So in no particular order, here are six things I wanted to blog about today (warning - it's long!):

1 - Mid-Blog Crisis
I think I might have just gone through my first mid-blog crisis. I've spent the last few weeks floating around trying to figure out why I blog, and what I hope to put into my blog and get out of it. Truth is, I'm not comfortable in the spotlight and a blog that posts outfits and how I look everyday has been very powerful in making me feel uncomfortable about myself and my new hobby. But I've come to the conclusion that I still enjoy it. I have been a reader of fashion blogs for years, and absolutely love the way blogging about fashion has completely transformed the industry, and I'm excited to be a part of it. This is the part about blogging I have decided I need to focus on - being part of a community that is so passionate about some of the same interests as I am. I need to put away the worries about 'exposing' myself or 'looking stupid' and just keep going. Cos I'm really having fun, lovelies!

2- WIW Giveaway
Jessica is one of the very first fashion bloggers that I ever followed. For years she's been paving the way for independent fashion blogging and I really think she's been such a pioneer - she is an inspiration for any girl (or guy!) with a fashion blog out there. She took something that she really loved and turned it (and herself) into a huge success...and now has her own book! And what's better? She's giving away 10 signed copies! Check it out here to get yourself into the contest. 

I went to the mall today. My sales-sense was tingling and had a feeling it was a good time to check out some deals - and I was right! Everything on sale at the Gap was 25% off the sale price (my favourite sales are always the ones where you get a discount on the discount), The Bay had a huge sale (hellloooo new JS jeans!) and summer dresses are marked down all over the place. Love this time of year :)

4- Long weekend numero uno
Because I work across the Ottawa River in La Belle Province, I gets me a holiday this Friday. the best part about this is that it's not a holiday for the rest of Ottawa (well, except for those who also work in Gatineau), so things aren't crazy busy. D and I plan to take advantage of the weekday breakfast deal at the local diner (we never get to do that!) and then bum around for most of the afternoon (I also have plans to check out the new consignment shop in my neighbourhood, but he doesn't know about that yet!). Then the weekend will be filled with cottage. Fun!

5- Clinique City Block Face Protector
I need to lecture about the sun for a minute. YOU NEED TO PROTECT YOUR SKIN. I have been blessed (no really!) with the ancestry of the world's two palest nationalities - Irish and Finnish - and have to realllllly watch myself in the sun...I burn in minutes. So protecting my skin is so important (but really, no matter what your complexion, you should all be protecting your skin from the sun, yo!). I hate most sun screens for the face...I find them too thick and make me feel like my pores are getting all blocked up. But last year I purchased Clinique's City Block Face Protector in SPF 25, and I *love* it! It has a slight tint to it so it can be used as a primer base (which is what I normally do) or on it's own. And it's so light I don't even notice it's there by the time I put on the rest of my face make-up. So go protect your beautiful face!

6- Summer Reading
The minute I finished my last course of my Master's degree last summer, I picked up a (non-academic) book and read. And I haven't stopped since. I've always been a huge reader, but 2 degrees kind of took that passion out of me and didn't give me much time for fun reading. But now that I have time for leisurely reading, I can't get enough. I put a lot of work into coming up with good 'summer reading'. There's something about the summer that says I need to find the perfect summer books that will allow me to sit outside and get lost in a good story. This summer I'll be reading:

Breaking Dawn by Stephanie Meyer
Ugh, my bestie J got me into the Twilight books and as much as I hate admitting it, I enjoyed them. I am by no means a "Twi-hard" or whatever they call people who are obsessed, but I am keen to get this last book finished to see what happens next.

Bossypants by Tina Fey
I've already read a few pages of this. It's freaking hilarious.

The Postmistress by Sarah Blake
I have a thing for books that tell stories about people affected by war. The strength - fictional or otherwise - is so inspiring.

Gosh, that was a long post. Guess I had to get 10 days of no blogging out of my system. Thanks for listening :)

xo J.


Major Wardrobe Malfunction

I actually wore this outfit to work on Thursday. It was sweltering hot, and I couldn't bring myself to wear anything but cool cotton.

Boat-print dress: Primark (UK)
Cardigan: Pure by Alfred Sung 
Clogs: Target
Belt: F21
Vintage faux-pearls: Vendor at Great Glebe Garage Sale

I just love the print on this dress! So fun! And the best part? It was only 5 pounds!!! FIVE POUNDS!

I was pretty pleased with this outfit...got myself ready for work, took my photos and I was off to start my day. Then the unspeakable happened. About halfway to the bus station, my sandals broke. BROKE! The straps on the left heel just popped right out. I was devastated! And annoyed that I had to very awkwardly turn around and limp my way back to my building with a broken sandal to change footwear. I ended up wearing a cream pair of peep-toe wedges for the day which worked pretty well, but I was still disappointed. 

I know that this is what I get for going crazy about my $24 clogs, but still. I would have liked if they'd lasted more than 3 wears!

Anyhoo, off to Moneysworth and Best Monday to get these puppies fixed! I got plans for them this summer, yo!

xo J.


To the Max(i)

For dress down day this week, I decided to switch it up and instead of wearing denim as pants, I wore it as a cover. Crazy, I know.

Maxi Dress: Old Navy
Denim Jacket: Gap
Belt: Smart Set
Gladiator Sandals: Target
Scarf: "Belt" from a pair of shorts aaages ago!
Turquoise Ring: H&M

The dress is the result of my Old Navy Groupon I purchased last week. There's not much I find at Old Navy, but I am IN LOVE with this maxi. I love the cut on the top and I love the flow.

This is me laughing at my cat. Yes, I laugh at my cat. He's kind of ridiculous.

Today I'm off to the mall with my Mom which always proves to be dangerous. She's great in that she thinks EVERYTHING looks great. And so when trying things on, I walk away with way more than I ever intended to buy. But we have fun :)

For those of you in Ottawa, check out Westfest this weekend! That's right, my neighbourhood has its own festival! Cool huh? Take THAT suburbs! 

Enjoy your weekend lovelys!

xo J.


FBFF - Friend Friday: Summer Trends

It's the return of FBFF (for me anyway)! I've been too busy to keep up with the Friday fun, but I'm back in it this week!

Today's question is about summer trends.

FBFF - Friend Friday: Summer Trends

What are the top 5 Summer trends that you are looking forward to wearing this season? 

Clog sandals
This is a trend that hasn't really taken off in Ottawa (from what I can see), but I absolutely *love* my $24 pair I picked up at Target over the Victoria Day weekend, and will be wearing them constantly this summer!

Printed sun dresses
While in Cardiff in May, I discovered the hot mess that is Primark. Using every inch of patience in me, I maneuvered my way through the craziness, and came out 3 printed dresses richer, and only 15 pounds poorer! Stay tuned for these pretties this summer...

Dry shampoo
This is yet another trend that seemed to take time to get to Canada. Last summer the blogosphere was raving about unwashed hair. It wasn't until this past spring did I finally find a dry shampoo in my local drugstore, but it was terrible and made my hair disgusting (fyi - it was TreSemme). In London I snagged the Batiste Diva Dry Shampoo (which I've since found at home) and I love it! I save so much time in the morning, and my hair feels like it has so much more volume! 

Orange nails
One of the first things I noticed in the giant March issue of Vogue this year was the orange nails. I love the vibrant, non-traditional colour, and I love how they make my toes and hands look a wee bit more tanned :)

I own 2 hats - one floppy one for the beach and a Reebok ball cap for running. But I'm loving the cute little hats everyone seems to be sporting recently - from hipsters to fashionistas. I haven't found the right hat 'for me' - and I'm not sure I will - but in the meantime, I'm enjoying seeing them everywhere.

xo J.