{Rant} Shoe woes

Hiya friends,

No posts from this blogger lately, I know. My camera seems to not want to work these days, and I've been too lazy busy to look into what the heck the problem is. 

So, despite my lack of OOTD for the next little while, I have had some frustrating shrants (shoe-rants) to share with you all (and hopefully get a little advice?).

I've been admiring Jen's strappy wedges all summer, and thought a black pair would work so well in my summer office wardrobe. So I set out to find a similar pair. Target had these for $29.99, but the closest Tar-jay is 3 hours away from where I live, and they don't ship to Canada. My next stop was Aldo (there really isn't much choice here in Ottawa), where I found almost the exact pair in a lovely soft leather...for $100!?!?! What gives? This is the only similar shoe I can find in this darn city, and it's three times the price?! I get that the leather makes them a better quality, and I really do love them, but for a shoe that I may only get one season out of, I'm not willing to spend $100 of my hard-earned money that could be used for other important things (like paying off student debt, or more importantly, a Mexication). 

My other shoe dilemma in this shrant also stems from a lack of selection in my small city. With winter coming (oh yes - it's 40 degrees outside and I'm already planning my winter wardrobe!) I'm starting to think about boots. Last year I cheaped out on boots (both a black pair of OTK, and a pair of cognac Steve Madden-inspired riding boots) and both fell apart on me. UNLIKE the trendy sandals linked above, I actually don't mind spending a bit of extra monies on a pair (or two - one in brown, one in black) of good quality leather boots. So what's the problem this time?!? I can't find any that fit! I apparently have abnormally large calves (always have, always will), and it has got to the point where I don't even want to try boots on to save myself the hassle of struggling to pull them up my trunks. So what's a girl to do? I absolutely *love* the skinny jean-boot-chunky sweater look...oh! or the midi skirt-opaque tights-heeled boots look...but alas, until I find a pair of boots that will fit something wider than a twig's legs, I might just have to go without.

So what say you blog friends? Suggestions? Advice? Tips?

xo J.

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