I'm in TO this weekend moving D into his big person apartment now that he has a big person job, but here's a post from something I wore this week.

I'm all about full disclosure here at SC4TMQ, kids. Which is why I'm telling you that I completely copied this outfit from the lovely Gracey. As soon as I saw her post, I knew it was an outfit I wanted to borrow. I love the simplicity of it all (black and white are my favourite combo - so classy) but I love the addition of the cognac and the punch of the colourful scarf. I also really liked how comfortable it looked. 

So, naturally, I copied it! :-p

 Tee: RW | Grazer Cigarette Pants: UO
Tunnel Scarf: Vero Moda (UK) | Belt: Came with a Zara dress | Bracelet: F21 | Hoops: Very old!
Shoes: Spring

I picked this scarf up in Cardiff when I was there in April. I just love it. It has all the things I love in a scarf: it's ridiculously huge, has fun colour combinations, and is not like anything anyone else in Ottawa has (which, really, is the best part of it!). 

Getting photos taken took some persuasion:

Me: Can you take blog photos for me?
D: Zzzzzzzz
Me: Helloooo?
D: Zzzzzzzz
Me: D! Photos!
D: Mumble, mumble...seriously?
Me: Yes! Please?
D: Do I have to get out of bed?
Me: No. 
D: Fine.

Awww, that boy....he's so supportive of my blogging :-p

Hope you're all having a great long weekend!

xo J.


  1. I cant believe the weekend is coming to an end :( sigh.
    I loveee the cigarette pants. I think they are so flattering and i am loving the scarf

  2. Oh, I love this! Love the scarf you chose and those pants are perfection on you!!

    Thanks for the props! ;-)

  3. hahaha. I can SO hear this conversation in my head. ALSO: might have to make one of these scarves. SO cute!

  4. This scarf is definitely a winner! Love the entire look!

  5. Hahaha. I love that your boy took your photos from bed! I bet that's more than I could get mine to do! (Which is maybe why I don't post photos of myself on my blog!) ;)

  6. Haaaaaa this conversation sounds SO familiar! My hubby still doesn't always get the outfit photo taking thing. :) Cute scarf! Scarves are my fave:)

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