{Rant} Shoe woes

Hiya friends,

No posts from this blogger lately, I know. My camera seems to not want to work these days, and I've been too lazy busy to look into what the heck the problem is. 

So, despite my lack of OOTD for the next little while, I have had some frustrating shrants (shoe-rants) to share with you all (and hopefully get a little advice?).

I've been admiring Jen's strappy wedges all summer, and thought a black pair would work so well in my summer office wardrobe. So I set out to find a similar pair. Target had these for $29.99, but the closest Tar-jay is 3 hours away from where I live, and they don't ship to Canada. My next stop was Aldo (there really isn't much choice here in Ottawa), where I found almost the exact pair in a lovely soft leather...for $100!?!?! What gives? This is the only similar shoe I can find in this darn city, and it's three times the price?! I get that the leather makes them a better quality, and I really do love them, but for a shoe that I may only get one season out of, I'm not willing to spend $100 of my hard-earned money that could be used for other important things (like paying off student debt, or more importantly, a Mexication). 

My other shoe dilemma in this shrant also stems from a lack of selection in my small city. With winter coming (oh yes - it's 40 degrees outside and I'm already planning my winter wardrobe!) I'm starting to think about boots. Last year I cheaped out on boots (both a black pair of OTK, and a pair of cognac Steve Madden-inspired riding boots) and both fell apart on me. UNLIKE the trendy sandals linked above, I actually don't mind spending a bit of extra monies on a pair (or two - one in brown, one in black) of good quality leather boots. So what's the problem this time?!? I can't find any that fit! I apparently have abnormally large calves (always have, always will), and it has got to the point where I don't even want to try boots on to save myself the hassle of struggling to pull them up my trunks. So what's a girl to do? I absolutely *love* the skinny jean-boot-chunky sweater look...oh! or the midi skirt-opaque tights-heeled boots look...but alas, until I find a pair of boots that will fit something wider than a twig's legs, I might just have to go without.

So what say you blog friends? Suggestions? Advice? Tips?

xo J.


It's been that kind of week...


I'm not going to write a lot...I've been in a terrible mood this week so I worry that anything I write will just turn into a b*tch-fest...and you don't want to hear that! (Trust me.)

So I'll focus on the clothes. Clothes make everything better.

Here's what I wore on Tuesday...

Striped Top: Joe Fresh Style | White Cropped Jeans: Gap
Vintage Faux Pearls: Vendor at Great Glebe Garage Sale | Sandals: Payless (old!)

I have become re-obsessed with friendship bracelets. (I say re-obsessed because I was all over these things when I was a kid!) 

Last summer while travelling Peru and Bolivia, D and I picked up all kinds of bracelets cos they were so dirt cheap (like 30cents for 5 kind of cheap!) and we tied one on in each town we visited. By the time we got home we had an armful of bracelets, but they were pretty gross and stretched out so I sadly cut them off. But while digging through crap this weekend, I rediscovered a baggy full of them from Bolivia (including left and right above) and tied them on...nothing says summer like colourful friendship bracelets! To top it off, my manager's neice came into the office a few days this week and brought with her a rainbow of coloured floss and proceeded to spend her days knotting us all bracelets (middle above - I've since added another of her colourful creations to my wrist!)...we were all over that shiz! I just *love* it! Something nice and colourful (and so simple, really) to help get through such a crummy week.

xo J.



I'm in TO this weekend moving D into his big person apartment now that he has a big person job, but here's a post from something I wore this week.

I'm all about full disclosure here at SC4TMQ, kids. Which is why I'm telling you that I completely copied this outfit from the lovely Gracey. As soon as I saw her post, I knew it was an outfit I wanted to borrow. I love the simplicity of it all (black and white are my favourite combo - so classy) but I love the addition of the cognac and the punch of the colourful scarf. I also really liked how comfortable it looked. 

So, naturally, I copied it! :-p

 Tee: RW | Grazer Cigarette Pants: UO
Tunnel Scarf: Vero Moda (UK) | Belt: Came with a Zara dress | Bracelet: F21 | Hoops: Very old!
Shoes: Spring

I picked this scarf up in Cardiff when I was there in April. I just love it. It has all the things I love in a scarf: it's ridiculously huge, has fun colour combinations, and is not like anything anyone else in Ottawa has (which, really, is the best part of it!). 

Getting photos taken took some persuasion:

Me: Can you take blog photos for me?
D: Zzzzzzzz
Me: Helloooo?
D: Zzzzzzzz
Me: D! Photos!
D: Mumble, mumble...seriously?
Me: Yes! Please?
D: Do I have to get out of bed?
Me: No. 
D: Fine.

Awww, that boy....he's so supportive of my blogging :-p

Hope you're all having a great long weekend!

xo J.


Happy Canada Day!

The absolute best part about living in the Nation's Capital is getting to experience Canada Day. The crowds, the excitement, the red and white are always a lot of fun. This year was extra amaze-balls, COSOMGTHEDUKEANDDUCHESSAREINTOWN!!!!!! Seeing as I missed them in London for their wedding (we had made it to Cardiff by then), my bestie J and I (and her friend N) decided NOT to miss them a second time! So, there we were at 7:00am on the lawn of Parliament Hill saving our space. TOTALLY worth it! Seeing the two of them even for a few seconds was pretty darn exciting...Real life was WAY better than the photos!

Here's my Canada Day outfit...the only day of the year I actually wear red:

Red Dress: Old Navy | White Tank: Dynamite | Cardi: Dynamite
Candy-Striped Bow Headband: Ardene | Sunnies (below): F21

This was after many many hours in the sun, so 'scuse the hair!

Here's a shot of my "emergency kit" (aka what I thought I needed for 7 hours in the sun): 

Dove Deodorant | Banana Muffins | Hawaiiian Tropic SPF 30 | Advil | Candy
Not pictured: Avene Thermal Mist Spray (a lifesaver in the heat), and a Nalgene bottle filled with water!

After hearing the Duke speak to the crowd, we headed out, spent 45 minutes waiting for some Poutine (a Canada Day staple) and went home for a nap before heading out to a friend's BBQ. All in all a solid Canada Day!

To my Canadian friends, I wish you a great Canada Day! And to my American friends, Happy Fourth of July!

xo J.