Happy Canada Day!

The absolute best part about living in the Nation's Capital is getting to experience Canada Day. The crowds, the excitement, the red and white are always a lot of fun. This year was extra amaze-balls, COSOMGTHEDUKEANDDUCHESSAREINTOWN!!!!!! Seeing as I missed them in London for their wedding (we had made it to Cardiff by then), my bestie J and I (and her friend N) decided NOT to miss them a second time! So, there we were at 7:00am on the lawn of Parliament Hill saving our space. TOTALLY worth it! Seeing the two of them even for a few seconds was pretty darn exciting...Real life was WAY better than the photos!

Here's my Canada Day outfit...the only day of the year I actually wear red:

Red Dress: Old Navy | White Tank: Dynamite | Cardi: Dynamite
Candy-Striped Bow Headband: Ardene | Sunnies (below): F21

This was after many many hours in the sun, so 'scuse the hair!

Here's a shot of my "emergency kit" (aka what I thought I needed for 7 hours in the sun): 

Dove Deodorant | Banana Muffins | Hawaiiian Tropic SPF 30 | Advil | Candy
Not pictured: Avene Thermal Mist Spray (a lifesaver in the heat), and a Nalgene bottle filled with water!

After hearing the Duke speak to the crowd, we headed out, spent 45 minutes waiting for some Poutine (a Canada Day staple) and went home for a nap before heading out to a friend's BBQ. All in all a solid Canada Day!

To my Canadian friends, I wish you a great Canada Day! And to my American friends, Happy Fourth of July!

xo J.

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