It's been that kind of week...


I'm not going to write a lot...I've been in a terrible mood this week so I worry that anything I write will just turn into a b*tch-fest...and you don't want to hear that! (Trust me.)

So I'll focus on the clothes. Clothes make everything better.

Here's what I wore on Tuesday...

Striped Top: Joe Fresh Style | White Cropped Jeans: Gap
Vintage Faux Pearls: Vendor at Great Glebe Garage Sale | Sandals: Payless (old!)

I have become re-obsessed with friendship bracelets. (I say re-obsessed because I was all over these things when I was a kid!) 

Last summer while travelling Peru and Bolivia, D and I picked up all kinds of bracelets cos they were so dirt cheap (like 30cents for 5 kind of cheap!) and we tied one on in each town we visited. By the time we got home we had an armful of bracelets, but they were pretty gross and stretched out so I sadly cut them off. But while digging through crap this weekend, I rediscovered a baggy full of them from Bolivia (including left and right above) and tied them on...nothing says summer like colourful friendship bracelets! To top it off, my manager's neice came into the office a few days this week and brought with her a rainbow of coloured floss and proceeded to spend her days knotting us all bracelets (middle above - I've since added another of her colourful creations to my wrist!)...we were all over that shiz! I just *love* it! Something nice and colourful (and so simple, really) to help get through such a crummy week.

xo J.


  1. I really like your "Tuesday" look!

  2. i agree! clothes make our day absolutely better!


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