Gym Fail

So for the thousandth time, I meant to go to the gym today...and for the 999th time, I didn't make it there. Ugh, I have such good intentions, but by the end of the day, it just doesn't happen.

But in other JMay life news, I did have a very good pub dinner with my bestie J (not related to the gym fail............ok maybe it is). We sat and talked constantly about all the awesome things we're going to do in the UK in a month (less than a month!).

I think I'm in love with these cigarette pants...I wear them pretty often to work, pretending that a 5-pocket pant is acceptable in the office just because it's black. 

Blouse: Joe Fresh Style
Grazer Cigarette Pants: BDG
Animal Print Scarf: Gap
Flats: Spring
Bangles: Various

xo J.


FBFF - Friend Friday: Feminism

I am so very happy to announce that I've joined my very first online fashion blogging community! The lovely Katy from Modly Chic has put together an amazing group of bloggers...and I've been completely overwhelmed by the support I've received from everyone and I've already learned so much! 

So what the heck is FBFF? Well, it's Fashion Blog Friend Friday of course! Every week Katy comes up with some great questions, and FFBF-ers answer them to let our readers know a little bit more about ourselves. I love the idea! I love the opportunity to share with you my thoughts on some great topics and I'm very excited to get to know a little bit more about my fellow FBFF-ers!

This week's FBFF is a topic I've always felt very strongly about - feminism!

1. Do you think there is an incompatibility between feminism and a love for fashion?
Absolutely not! To me, feminism has always meant being proud to be a woman and having the freedom to express my feminitity however I choose. If a woman chooses to shun fashion, then she can be a feminist. If a woman chooses to strut around in Jimmy Choo's everyday, then she can be a feminist too. I think too often people expect all feminists to be the bra-burning hippies of the 1960s. I admire these women - they paved the way for the freedoms and rights I enjoy as a woman today. But I think feminism is fluid and evergreen...it has evolved. And to me there is plenty of room in this day in age for feminism and a love for fashion to co-exist.

2. There is more to each of us than a love for fashion, how do you incorporate every aspect of yourself into your blog?
Well, my blog is still pretty new and I've only been doing it for a month or two, so I'm still trying to figure out ways to find myself within SC4TMQ. But I've found a few ways to do it. I am a music lover. While I love new music and a lot of Top 40 and hip hop, I was raised on "classic rock" and have a deep love for it. So when coming up with a blog name, I chose "Spring Clean for the May Queen" which is my favourite line from Led Zeppelin's Stairway to Heaven (and is a play on my last name - May). Another way I've been incorporating aspects of myself is the photos of myself in front of my bookshelves. I *love* my books and so using my wall o' books was a perfect backdrop!

But material aspects aside, I think this blog is really reflecting the part of me that is wanting to not give a sh*t about what other people think, and doing what it is that I really want to do. I've been reading fashion blogs forever...but was always too scared or too worried about what people would think of me if I started one myself. But I decided to stop caring and just go out there and do it. There are still moments when I feel stupid or that my photos or outfits aren't "good enough" but I love this new hobby too much to let it get in my way!

3. With the fashion industry still being a male-dominated profession, how do you think it would differ if women played a larger role?
This is a hard question! And I'm not sure I really agree that fashion is still male-dominated. Sure the industry has been heavily influenced by icons like Karl Lagerfeld and Alexander McQueen, but I think even more iconic women turned the fashion industry into what it is today (Coco Chanel anyone?) and I still think women are very much in control. The focus on women in fashion can't be ignored...and neither can the vast amount of marketing aimed directly at women. Women influence every aspect of fashion, whether they are in the designer's seat or not.

4. How is your self-image and the way you carry yourself informed by your beliefs?
Physically, I have a terrible hunch in my back that developed as a teenager as a result of years of insecurity. It's often painful and I'm sure it'll only get worse as I get older. But it's a perfect reflection of how I used to carry myself - insecure, shy and unable to hold my head up and be proud of who I am.

I'd like to think now I carry myself and come across as a friendly, honest person who is proud of who she is. I've learned a lot from who I used to be, and it is now important to me to not only stand up for myself, but also to be aware of others around me and how they influence my life and vice versa. This has made me a much happier person - and I hope I come across as a happy person!

5. Do you think clothing/makeup/hair helps communicate the truth about yourself or are those things superfluous add-ons?
I admittedly find it hard to dress to communicate the truth of myself. I live in a small city with relatively little shopping variety and so dressing for myself and dressing according to current trends is often hard to differentiate. But I never wear something that makes me feel uncomfortable and that I don't feel is a true reflection of me. A lot of the outfits I post on my blog are work outfits - and that very much portrays who I am 9 to 5. But I'm also a gf, a friend, a sister, a daughter...and my clothes reflect these roles and personalities and change constantly as my comfort levels or my interests change.
Me and my besties Becky, Lucy, Livia and Jess

Those were tough questions, yo! But important questions...looking forward to your comments and what others wrote for FBFF this week!

xo J.


Daylight Savings

I can't explain how excited I am that when I leave the office at night, it's still light out...I can't even see a window from where my cubicle if on my floor so the only sun I get in the day is the 20 minutes it takes me to get to work in the morning, and whatever light is left at the end of the day.

I'm experimenting with my camera. I took a (very) beginner photography class last night at Tripp Photography and learned a lot about the basics of my Nikon. But we really were only able to skim the surface...I'm thinking of looking into more advanced courses once my spending ban is over.

In outfit-related news, I snagged myself this skinny hot pink Gap belt for $6! A couple of girls were coveting this belt on their blogs and I loved it so I was pretty pleased to get it so cheap! You might say I was tickled pink! Ha!

Also, my hair is a disaster in these photos. Please ignore it.

Cap-Sleeved T-Shirt: Jacob
Grey Pencil Skirt: Jacob
Pink Skinny Belt: Gap
Faux-Croc Flats: Roberto Vianni

This is Poika's favourite corner to hide in. He wasn't happy I intruded to take photos.

I'm very excited for tomorrow's post! It's a bit of a surprise, so please come back and check it out!

And in the meantime, here's an evil photo of Poika to hold you over:

He's plotting his revenge against me. I can tell.

xo J.


Crunch Time

I had a pretty amazing weekend: wine, couch dancing, singing/dancing at the pub with besties, driving to Montreal, nordic bath spa in the Laurentians, more wine, fancy dinners, Bailey's for breakfast, green beer on Peel Street at 11:30 am, celebrating my Irishness, parades, beer in the street, more green beer, more dancing, peanut butter dumplings and a much-deserved nap.

BUT, it was an expensive weekend. In 1 month and 5 days, I'm heading to the UK with two besties - M and J. And ladies, I gots ta save! It's crunch time...

So, I'm declaring my promise to myself right here on my blog to not spend ANY money from here until the trip. A few birthdays are coming up, so I will have to spend a little bit of moula there, but no more of the following:
- clothes
- shoes (with the exception of a new pair of converse I plan on bringing with me on the trip)
- eating out
- non-birthday-related nights out
- make-up
- apartment stuff

And to keep my eyes on the prize, I'm going to post little pics like this all over the place to remind myself why saving is such a good idea:

Edinburgh (photo credit)

xo J.



Today's outfit was inspired by a photo a co-worker sent me of an outfit she loved from Anthropologie. Here's Anthro's version:

And here's my version:

Apologies for the super wrinkled skirt - this was after an unbelievably long day.

Striped Top: Target
Khaki Skirt: Zara
Belt: Urban Behaviour
Flats: Spring
Bracelets: Expression (The Bay)

Apparently the themes of the week are frustration, stress and stupidness. And today was no exception. Thanks to a certain someone at work, the washing machine on my floor that ate both my loonies, the drunk guy on the bus who chose to pick a fight with the driver, and my panty hose.

But instead of focusing on the bad today, to keep my sanity, I've made a list of all the things that made me happy today:

  1. My new skirt.
  2. My new shoes (although these started hurting my feet by the end of the day).
  3. Wearing a spring coat for the first time this year.
  4. (Most of) the fabulous people I work with. 
  5. Homemade soup.
  6. Homemade lavender cookies.
  7. Coming home to watch episodes of my favourite 1990s British sitcom, Keeping Up Appearances
  8. This video, courtesy of one of my besties Ray-Ray, which explains how I felt at approximately 2:00 this afternoon:


xo J.


Celebrating by TheJMay featuring skinny jeans

I'm not doing much for St. Patty's today, but I am headed for some Irish celebrations in Montreal with one of my besties this weekend. 3 of my 8 great-grandparents were Irish...I think. Good enough reason to celebrate with green beer :) 

 I'm not sure how many photos I'll get to take this weekend, but here's what I wish I was wearing for the festivities this weekend! 

Happy St. Patrick's ladies!

xo J.



This has been a tough week, ladies. A hectic, busy and frustrating week. But have no fear...I have lots of excellent things planned for the weekend to make up for it :)

Here's what I wore to work Monday:

Striped Turtleneck: Pure by Alfred Sung for Zellers
Skirt: George
Belt: Free with a Smart Set skirt
Shoes: Aldo
Faux Pearl Studs: F21

Keep trying to remind myself to breathe...only 3 days left in the week...and 2 weeks left in this month! Inhale..........exhale.

xo J.


Tuesday Tunes - Nicki Minaj

You guyssss....Nicki Minaj is pretty freakin' fabulous.

"In this very moment I'm king 
In this very moment I slayed Goliath with a sling 
This very moment I bring 
put it on everything, that I will retire with the ring 
and I will retire with the crown, Yes 
no I'm not lucky I'm blessed, Yes 
clap for the heavyweight champ, Me 
but I couldn't do it all alone, We"

'Nuff said.

xo J.


Breaking the Rules

This is actually what I wore last Thursday. Yes. Jeans on a Thursday. I went there.

I woke up feeling like I just couldn't put on tights. So I went with jeans and boots and dressed up from the waist up.

Boyfriend Blazer: Pure by Alfred Sung for Zellers
Blouse: Jacob
Jeans: Old Navy
Boots: Suzy Shier
Charm Bracelet: Tiffany
Wallet: Coach

This photo (and others like it) are all thanks to my girl N who sneaks away from the office with me many afternoons to take outfit photos. Unfortunately we work in a building where people seem to think that 2 girls taking photos in the basement is weird and we get stares pretty much every day. It's still very awkward, but I'm finding a lot of entertainment in showing them we don't give a sh*t!

I've been working tonight on following some more lovely blogs! Check out my "Inspirations" links on the right! The fashion blogging community is just amazing!

xo J.


Hi friends,

I was going to post an outfit post on Friday, but it seemed too vain to be posting a photo of myself and my clothes after waking up to such terrible news about Japan.  Since Friday I've spent a lot of time watching the videos and news coverage of what happened and find it unfathomable and very very sad.

Here are a few easy ways you can donate - every little bit helps:
  • Text the word "Asia" to 30333 to donate $5 to the Red Cross (I sent 2 of these texts - it's a quick and easy way to send money).
  • Learn more about the recovery and aid efforts, and donate online at the Red Cross.
  • Send a donation via your iTunes account.
I truly beleive that we are all global citizens and when something so devastating happens in one part of the world, we can all do our part as neighbours and lend a helping hand...even if it seems small.

xo J.



I actually wore this outfit on Monday. I splurged on picked up the new Chanel Rouge Coco Shine lipstick over the weekend, and I just love it! The mix between lipstick and gloss gives the perfect amount of shine and colour!  So, in the spirit of Chanel class, my outfit was inspired by the one and only Coco herself - trouser pants, Breton stripes and costume jewellery.

Striped Shirt: H&M
Trousers: Gap
Belt: Jacob
Shoes: Aldo
Necklace: Found at the Great Glebe Garage Sale (for $0.50!)
Charm Bracelet: Tiffany

"How many cares one loses when one decides not to be something but to be someone.”
-Coco Chanel via

xo J.


Tuesday Tunes - Adele

I love everything about Adele - her classic yet edgy style, her amazing voice and her passionate lyrics. Despite the sadness of the song, I love this song and it's been on repeat on my 'pod for the last couple of days.

xo J.


Travel Monday - Havana

I love me some travel. Love love love. And so, I decided that as part of my little blog here, I would try to share some of my travels with you. And Monday mornings are so BLEH, I figured travel posts were perfect to escape to fun and exciting places!

This weekend was cold and wet, so today's Travel Monday is focussed on somewhere warm and sunny - Havana, Cuba. Now I know everyone and their mother goes to Cuba (well, at least every Canadian and their Canadian mothers), but I absolutely love this country.  D and I went 2 years ago as my first (and only so far) "beach" vacation. The beach in Veradero was amazing and laying in the sun all day was pretty much perfection. But being the restless ones we are, D and I decided to skip out on the resort-ness for two days and we hopped a bus (not a tour bus) to Havana where we walked around by ourselves for 2 days and stayed in the old part of the city for a night. I loved just wandering the streets, seeing the sights, and exploring places off the beaten path.  Havana is an amazingly beautiful and vibrant city. Cuban culture, food and music is so colourful and energetic and there's no better way to experience it than shunning the resort life for even just a couple of days in Havana.

Plaza de la Catedral

Malecón at sunset

Colourful Calles

Hotel Inglaterra, Paseo del Prado 

El Capitolio

Ministry of Internal Affairs

xo J.


Jeans Day

I work in an office where Friday is the conventional jeans day. This is what I wore this past Friday...not too exciting, but the grey sweater fit my blah mood...and the scarf was a small attempt for some comfy-ness at my desk.  D went back to Toronto Friday morning, so I wasn't in the best of moods.

Sweater: H&M
Scarf: Le Chateau (years ago)
White Tee: Smart Set
Straight Leg Jeans: Old Navy
Leopard Print Flats: H&M

I hope you lovely ladies have all had an amazing weekend - mine was full of naps, besties, junk food and nail painting :)

xo J.


The Dress

Dresses are one of my favourite things to buy/wear. To me (with a low budget for clothes), they're an inexpensive way of making an excellent outfit. Instead of requiring a bazillion pieces to make up an outfit, all you need is a dress, and some accessories. This also makes getting ready in the mornings much easier!

This is actually what I wore on Thursday...it was my first time wearing this dress, but I can see myself wearing it a LOT this spring. It's light and easy to wear, I love the shape, I love the pattern, and I got a lot of compliments on it :) It has now become The Dress in my closet.

Unfortunately, this close-eyed pic is not the best...

The Dress: H&M
Belt: From a Smart Set skirt
Red-Orange Bead necklace: The Bay
Shoes: Nine West

I need to take a moment to comment on my shoes here. These shoes are the classic Nine West Nuncio pump that have been around forever. I bought these for myself 4 years ago when I graduated from my undergrad and started working. I pretty much started in my job the day after graduation, and I was finally making a grown-up salary at a grown-up job and rewarded myself with some grown-up shoes. I've worn these shoes A LOT over the past four years...but after wearing them again on Thursday, I came to the sad realization that they have finally seen their last day (note the little bit of white material sticking out of the top of my left shoe - that's shoe innards...). So, here's to my first pair of office pumps...you've served me well!

Any ideas on what I can replace them with?!? :-p

xo J.


New Toy!

So I've discovered Polyvore. And it's amazing. I could spend a LOT of time on here!

In April I'm heading to England and Wales with two of my besties, so here's what I imagine I'd like to wear wandering around London. I bought this H&M jacket in Montreal this past weekend and can't wait to wear it!

xo J.


Friends, I have to fess up - these are not the shoes I wore today with my outfit. That's right, I'm a shoe faker today. The shoes in today's photo are the same ones I wore yesterday. And while I love love love them (yes, 3 love's worth!) they are a half size too small and I just couldn't bare (bear?) another day of sore feetsies. So I wore pointed flats at work (which I thought looked very Audrey Hepburn with my cropped cigarette pants!) and switched to the heels for my photos.

Sweater: H&M
Belt: La Maison Simon
Black Cropped Jeans: BDG (Urban Outfitters)
Shoes: Aldo
Ring: Urban Behaviour (??)
Silver Bangle: American Eagle

This sweater is one of my purchases from last week's trip to Montreal. I got lots of compliments on it which was nice...and I'm really excited to wear it this spring. I have all kinds of outfit ideas for it, like pairing it with my cropped white skinny jeans, or with a big brown leather belt and a pair of denim cut off shorts and a long necklace. Holy crap summer get here soon! I can't wait for you any longer!

With D home from school these past 2 weeks, we haven't really been eating very healthy, so tonight I decided I was 1- going to actually cook something, and 2- going to make it meatless and (somewhat) healthy. So tostadas was the result:

Doesn't look like much, but they were delicious (if I do say so myself!) There's a crunchy corn tostada as a base layer, a layer of canned refried beans (I usually try and avoid canned foods like this and make them myself for a healthier option, but sadly I've never been able to master the refried bean, so canned it is), homemade guacamole (with tomatoes, a whole whack of cilantro, lime juice, chopped and seeded tomatoes and a few splashes of hot sauce), chopped lettuce, chipotle salsa and a bit of cheddar on top (I usually eat these without cheese, but D is a bad food influence and I couldn't resist once I covered his with cheese!). Yummy!

xo J.


Photo Shoot

Today was a big day! Today was the first day I asked my bf, D, to take photos for me. This is a big step in our relationship for a newbie blogger like myself! 

Turns out D was pretty good about the whole thing. The first few photos were laughably awkward, but I was happy with the way a few turned out! Too bad he has to go back to school Friday...I'll miss having a personal photographer around :(

ANYhoo...onto the outfit. I absolutely LOVED wearing this dress / skirt. It was so ruffly and flowy. It's actually a v-neck dress with ribbon straps, but it's too low cut for work, so I folded it under and belted it, and was super happy with the result! 

T-shirt: Jacob
Tiered Dress (worn as a skirt): Old Navy
Belt: From an H&M dress
Tights: Hue maybe? 
Shoes: Aldo

And here's an outtake for your enjoyment...I asked D to take a photo with me and my cat Poika, but P was just being annoying. And so instead of a cute, cuddly photo with him, here is a pic of him biting me:

So much love.

About 3 minutes after taking these pics, I was already changed into leggings, a hand-me-down of one of D's shirts (is it still a hand-me-down when it's been forcibly passed over?) and some boots and we were off to the neighbourhood for a little Tuesday night dinner date. :)

xo J.

Tuesday Tunes

This is what helped me get to work this morning. Very loudly. So loudly, a lady pushed me out of the way to get off the bus because I couldn't hear her try to excuse herself. But I'm in too good a mood to care :)

xo J.