Product Review: Lush Lip Scrub

While I was home sick last week, I had plenty of time to browse, read and then RE-read a bunch of magazines that have piled up over the last little while. This is always dangerous for me...after flipping through so many ads and product reviews, I WANT IT ALL. OMG.


I wish I could tell you which one reviewed lip scrubs. I can't find it for the life of me, but alls I know is I was sick, my lips were dry and gross and the magazine told me Lush's scrub smoothed and moisturized. DONE.

As soon as I was well enough to drag myself off the couch, I headed straight to the mall to pick some up. I've never purchased a Lush product before...I like the idea of homemade, natural beauty products, but I find their stuff a bit overpriced and the store is not on my regular shopping circuit. But this product has converted me, ladies - it's amazing!

I used to be someone who didn't think I needed to exfoliate my lips. I moisturize, and use Blistex religiously. But after using the Sweet Lips Scrub, my lips have never felt so soft and smooth - and they look much better too, especially when I use a lip pencil or lipstick. And the that chocolate smell! Amazing.

Who knew a little pot of flavoured sugar could bring me so much happiness? But call me a convert...After this positive experience, I can't wait to try out some other Lush products!

xo J.


Back to the grind

After a fantastic trip with two of my best ladies (no, no photos yet - soon my pretties, soon.) I ended up getting super sick and got dressed only once last week. Friday was my only real day at work, but it was beautiful outside so although I feel like junk in these photos, the weather was too nice not to take photos. (Bonus: I get to show off some swag I picked up in the UK!)

Grey Long-Sleeved Tee: Jacob
White Jeans: Gap
Gladiator Sandals: Target
Scarf: Primark (UK)
Messenger Bag: Next (UK)
Sunnies: F21

My one-bedroom apartment has a lot of perks. It's a bit dated (think: mid-1970s high rise construction) but is a fair size, inexpensive and in a pretty trendy neighbourhood. But, the one thing I love the best about my apartment is the view.  

And what do I do to enjoy the view on a Friday afternoon after work? This (with a cold bottle of brew):

See those buildings in the distance? That's where I work. *shudder*

Trip photos by the weekend, I swear! 

xo J.


Home Again


I've returned safe and sound from my UK travels with a new love for afternoon tea, scrumpy (and pretty much every other alcohol made from apples), and Toffee Crisp chocolate bars. Unfortunately, the following things have prevented me from posting until today:

  • Blogger Blackout 2011
  • A post-cross-Atlantic flight cold.
  • Jet Lag
But, I have some good photos to share, and an outfit photo I got D to help out with Friday but didn't want to post in case the Blogger issue hadn't been fixed....they'll all come this week, I promise!

xo J.