Hiya Friends!

Sorry I have been quiet on the blog front these past few days, but I've been too busy catching up with summer to be sitting at home on my computer!

Here are three things I picked up this (long) weekend that just SCREAM summer:

After being scared of face bronzer forever (I'm so pale - didn't want to look orange! Can you blame a girl?) I finally found this perfect bronzer from the BS. It's lightweight and I just love that it adds just a wee little bit more colour to my pale face. 

It's taken me a while to get into the greenish-blue nail trend, but I *love* this Essie colour...and the way it makes my feet look even more tanned in my sandals. A fresh change from my normal reds and hot pinks I normally sport on my toes in the summer!

Kronenburg 1664 Blanc
This might make me look like a little bit of a lush, but I can't get enough of this deliciously fruity white beer this summer. It's hard to find, but find it I did this weekend...and enjoyed one (or two...or three) on the dock on the lake this past weekend. :)

Hope you're all enjoying the summer so far! With 4-day weekend numero dos coming up, I know I am!

xo J.

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  1. I completely agree with you re bronzer and looking too orange! glad you found the right one...and soon I will be joining for that kronenburg. :) 18 days can you believe it?


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