To the Max(i)

For dress down day this week, I decided to switch it up and instead of wearing denim as pants, I wore it as a cover. Crazy, I know.

Maxi Dress: Old Navy
Denim Jacket: Gap
Belt: Smart Set
Gladiator Sandals: Target
Scarf: "Belt" from a pair of shorts aaages ago!
Turquoise Ring: H&M

The dress is the result of my Old Navy Groupon I purchased last week. There's not much I find at Old Navy, but I am IN LOVE with this maxi. I love the cut on the top and I love the flow.

This is me laughing at my cat. Yes, I laugh at my cat. He's kind of ridiculous.

Today I'm off to the mall with my Mom which always proves to be dangerous. She's great in that she thinks EVERYTHING looks great. And so when trying things on, I walk away with way more than I ever intended to buy. But we have fun :)

For those of you in Ottawa, check out Westfest this weekend! That's right, my neighbourhood has its own festival! Cool huh? Take THAT suburbs! 

Enjoy your weekend lovelys!

xo J.


  1. Love this look. You look all leggy and stuff!

  2. I really want this maxi! You look great in it, and I like the little touch of tourquoise in your ring.


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