FBFF - Friend Friday: Summer Trends

It's the return of FBFF (for me anyway)! I've been too busy to keep up with the Friday fun, but I'm back in it this week!

Today's question is about summer trends.

FBFF - Friend Friday: Summer Trends

What are the top 5 Summer trends that you are looking forward to wearing this season? 

Clog sandals
This is a trend that hasn't really taken off in Ottawa (from what I can see), but I absolutely *love* my $24 pair I picked up at Target over the Victoria Day weekend, and will be wearing them constantly this summer!

Printed sun dresses
While in Cardiff in May, I discovered the hot mess that is Primark. Using every inch of patience in me, I maneuvered my way through the craziness, and came out 3 printed dresses richer, and only 15 pounds poorer! Stay tuned for these pretties this summer...

Dry shampoo
This is yet another trend that seemed to take time to get to Canada. Last summer the blogosphere was raving about unwashed hair. It wasn't until this past spring did I finally find a dry shampoo in my local drugstore, but it was terrible and made my hair disgusting (fyi - it was TreSemme). In London I snagged the Batiste Diva Dry Shampoo (which I've since found at home) and I love it! I save so much time in the morning, and my hair feels like it has so much more volume! 

Orange nails
One of the first things I noticed in the giant March issue of Vogue this year was the orange nails. I love the vibrant, non-traditional colour, and I love how they make my toes and hands look a wee bit more tanned :)

I own 2 hats - one floppy one for the beach and a Reebok ball cap for running. But I'm loving the cute little hats everyone seems to be sporting recently - from hipsters to fashionistas. I haven't found the right hat 'for me' - and I'm not sure I will - but in the meantime, I'm enjoying seeing them everywhere.

xo J.


  1. Dry shampoo? really? I am going to have to try this....

  2. First time I hear about dry shampoo... where have I been?!? It sounds like such a weird concept, like fruit poutine, hot ice cream or productive Fridays :p

    And I got a Tangy Tangerine pedicure a couple of weeks back - love the orange nail polish!


  3. what a really pretty post – and blog :) I love that you included dry shampoo!! I am just learning to wear a hat for the summer (I got a straw trilby for my birthday) and I love it!! You were in Cardiff in May??!! In the UK? I live there!!!! Primark is crazy but so many bargains!!! Haha!! :)

  4. YES great point about dry shampoo! No one has mentioned it yet (so far in my reading). So necessary! That dress is super cute :)

  5. I've been wearing the heck out of my Target clog sandals - they're actually super comfortable. And I'd love to find a pretty printed sundress, but haven't had any luck yet.

  6. Thanks for the great comments everyone!

    Nini and Karine - Yes! Dry Shampoo is kind of awesome. I suggest maybe getting the formula for darker hair colours, though.

    Shopgirl - I *loved* Cardiff! We had so much fun there! And Primark was...and adventure... lol!

    Gracey - My clogs are so comfortable! I love the idea of "heels" that don't kill your feet!


  7. I'm happy to see dry shampoo is going more mainstream in the US and can be purchased at most drug stores and such. It used to be only a specialty shop or salon thing! - Katy


    That is all!!



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