Major Wardrobe Malfunction

I actually wore this outfit to work on Thursday. It was sweltering hot, and I couldn't bring myself to wear anything but cool cotton.

Boat-print dress: Primark (UK)
Cardigan: Pure by Alfred Sung 
Clogs: Target
Belt: F21
Vintage faux-pearls: Vendor at Great Glebe Garage Sale

I just love the print on this dress! So fun! And the best part? It was only 5 pounds!!! FIVE POUNDS!

I was pretty pleased with this outfit...got myself ready for work, took my photos and I was off to start my day. Then the unspeakable happened. About halfway to the bus station, my sandals broke. BROKE! The straps on the left heel just popped right out. I was devastated! And annoyed that I had to very awkwardly turn around and limp my way back to my building with a broken sandal to change footwear. I ended up wearing a cream pair of peep-toe wedges for the day which worked pretty well, but I was still disappointed. 

I know that this is what I get for going crazy about my $24 clogs, but still. I would have liked if they'd lasted more than 3 wears!

Anyhoo, off to Moneysworth and Best Monday to get these puppies fixed! I got plans for them this summer, yo!

xo J.


  1. Doesn't that suck! So what did you do for the rest of the day? Did you walk around in one clog or did you mysteriously think to pack another pair of shoes 'just in case'. Sorry about the malfunction!

    On a lighter note...those sailboats that you are rocking are absolutely darling-so classy!


  2. Oh sorry about the shoes. But that dress is totally stunning on you. Love the print !

  3. I love this dress. and can I say I miss you!

  4. This dress is sooooooo cute...it looks like something that would come from Anthropologie!


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